Bösendorfer Artist


Kiev National Tchaikovsky Music Academy

Vienna University of Music 
(MDW - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst)


- 1 Prize at XI International Piano Competition CIPCE (Madrid, Spain)

- 1 Prize at Lion International Piano Competition (France)
- 1 and 2 Prizes at International Piano Competition in Cantu (Italy)

- Prize at VIII International Piano Competition

- Prize at VIII International Piano Competition in memory of Vladimir Horowitz (Ukraine)

- Prize at  "Neue Sterne" International Piano Competition (Germany)

- Prize at Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition (Madrid, Spain)

Prize at Parnassos International Piano Competition(Mexico)

and other


Pavel Kachnov is a pianist who took his first steps in music in Kiev with professors I. Barinova, B. Fedorov and B. Arkhimovich, but already in his youth he moved to Vienna to receive a European musical education at the Vienna University of Music in the class of the famous pianist and professor Oleg Meisenberg. After graduating from the university, Pavel continued to improve his mastery with Professor Albert Mamriev.


Pavel is a laureate of numerous international music competitions, he regularly takes part  in such European music festivals as Classics on the Danube, the Orbetello Music Festival of Italy (Italy), the Classical Music Festival in Lafnitz and the Liszt Festival in Riding (Austria), Piano festival "Menorah" in Duisburg . After the performance of a complex composition “ F. Liszt Malediction" at the Liszt Festival 2019 the famous Vienna Opera star Herbert Lipert said in the interview to the Austrian television: “I know this pianist, and this is something incredible.”


Pavel has given concerts in Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova. He was applauded by the Vienna Musical Ferain, the concert hall of the Austrian radio ORF, the Zaragoza Auditorium, the Piccolo Theater in Milan, the hall of the Verdi Conservatory in Turin, the San Pedro Auditorium in Monterrey, the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky in Moscow, the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Philharmonic in Lodz, the Opera and Ballet Theater in Mersin, the Halberstadt and Wernigerode theaters in Germany, the National Bulgarian National Radio Hall, the Opera and Ballet Theater in Stara Zagora, etc.


He performed with Krasimira Stoyanova, Pavel Vernikov, Moni Ovadia, conductors

Mark Georg, Erich Binder, Ovidiu Balan, Franz Anton Kraeger, Christian Fitzner, Johannes Rieger, Cyril Carabitz, Vladimir Sirenko, Hiromi Sakaguchi, San Remo Orchestra, Bolear Islands Orchestra, Verdego Symphony Orchestra, Mexico City Orchestra, Verdego Festival Symphony Orchestra, Mexico City Orchestra, and many others.


In October 2018, Pavel recorded a CD with the works of F. Liszt, the record of which was later transmitted  twice by the Austrian radio station ORF.


At the age of 27, Pavel received the status of professor at the Vienna Preiner Conservatory.


In 2017, Pavel started his own International Piano Competition in Kiev which is of great success among pianists all over the world.




J. S. Bach


L. Beethoven 
Piano Sonatas No. 1 ,2, 5, 6, 7, 8 13, 17, 1
9, 20, 23, 26, 28, 31.  
32 Variationen

Piano concertos No. 1, 3, 5

J. Haydn

Sonata Es-dur Hob 52

W.A. Mozart

Sonata KV 331 a-moll
Piano concertos No. 20, 24

F. Chopin

4 Scherzo
Ballade N 3
Sonata N 2

Polonais - As-dur
Etudes op. 10, op.25


F. Schubert
Fantasie „Wanderer“
4 Expromts op 90; Sonata c Moll

E. Grieg

Piano concerto  a-moll

F. Mendelssohn
Serious Variation
Rondo Capriccioso

Piano concerto g-moll

R. Schumann
Carnaval op 9
Sonata No 1
Symphony Etudes op. 13
Vienna Carnaval op. 26

J. Brahms

2 Rhapsodies op. 79
Intermezzo op. 117
Sonata No 3
Variation and Fugue on the Theme of Handel 
Hungarian Dances

Piano concertos No. 1, 2

F. Liszt
Vallée d’Obermann
Mephisto-Walzer N 1
Sonetto del Petrarca N 47, 104, 123
Hungarian Rhapsodies N 2, 6, 11
Grand Galopp Chromatisch. 

Piano concerto No. 1


P. I. Tchaikovsky

Piano concerto No. 1

S. Rachmaninov

Sonata N 1
Pieces op 3
Musical Moments op. 16
Preludes op 23, 32
Etudes-Tableaux op.33, 39

Piano concertos No. 1, 2, 3

S. Prokofiev 

Sonatas N 2 , 7  
Pieces op 4
Suite "Montekki and Kapuletti"