Moscow Central Music School

Petrozavodsk State Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov


Evgenia Lubyantseva began to study music in St. Petersburg with the honored worker of culture S.M. Shalman, she also studied with O.D. Yakimova, M.A. Ostapchenko, at the Kazan Music College named after I.V. Aukhadeevau Yu.Yu. Vivat, in the Central Music School at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory with a professor E.D. Grach.


In 2019 she graduated from the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov and entered the magistracy (class of Professor K.I. Veksler).


Evgenia Lubyantseva has toured with a solo program in Russia, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Israel. She has participated in master classes conducted by Ida Handel, Zakhar Bron, and the Béla quartet (France).

Evgenia has performed in the halls of the Moscow Conservatory, including the Great Hall, the Prokofiev Hall of the Mariinsky Theater, the V. Glazunov at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, Smolny Cathedral, Sheremetyevsky Palace, the Yaani Kirik Hall (St. Petersburg), in the concert hall named after Saydasheva (Kazan).

She has collaborated with conductors: Eduard Grach, Vyacheslav Valeev, Eduard Serov, Ilya Derbilov, Alexei Kubyshkin. Eugene's stage partners were Alexander Lubyantsev, Aare-Paul Lattik, Dmitry Myachin.