MSSMS named after Genisns (Moscow Secondary Special Musical School named after Gnesins) 

MSC (Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky State Conservatory), class of the professor Y.S. Airapetyan.




- 4th international competition «GianlucaCampochiaro» , Sicily (1 prize, 2015)


- 6th  international piano competition, «PianoTalents» , Milan (Italy, 1 prize, 2016).

- 5th international piano competition «EuregioPianoAward», Gailenkirchen, (Germany, 1 prize, 2017).


- 3rd international piano competition, Kyiv «KyivIPC» (Ukraine, 2 prize, 2019)



He is often on tours in Russia and abroad, performing with Russian and foreign orchestras.


Andrei has performed in the halls of the Moscow Conservatory, including the Great Hall, the Moscow International House of Music, the Moscow Philharmonic, the Sicilian Opera Theater Massimo Bellini, the Yerevan Philharmonic and the Opera House.

He has performed in Russia, Armenia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, China. Andrei has cooperated with the Moscow Conservatory Orchestra, the Vuhan Philharmonic Orchestra, conductors: Anatoly Levin, Konstantin Orbelian, Eduard Topchan, Vladimir Sirenko.


J. S. Bach -


Partita E minor.

Preludes and Fugues from the first and second volumes of the CTK.


J. Haydn


Andante with variations  F-minor.

Sonata  C Sharp Minor.


F. Chopin


Fantasy in F minor.

Ballad number 2

Ballad number 3

Scherzo number 2

Polonaise in A Flat Major.

Nocturne in C Sharp Minor.

Nocturne in C minor.


Etudes No. 1 No. 4 No. 5 No. 12 No. 23


F. Liszt


Mephisto Waltz

Rhapsody No. 2

Transcendental Study - "Wild Jagd"

Transcendental Study - "Mazepa"

Concert No. 1


J. Brahms


Variations on the theme of Paganini notebook number 1

Variations on the theme of Paganini notebook number 2

3 intermezzo, opus 117


L. V. Bethoven


Sonata No. 8

Sonata No. 17

Sonata No. 21

Sonata No. 28

Sonata No. 32


S. V. Rachmaninov


Variations on a Theme of Corelli

Prelude in C Sharp Minor.

Prelude in G Minor.

Prelude in D Minor.

Etude-painting in F Sharp Minor.

Etude-picture in E flat minor.

Concert number 3.


R. Schumann


Symphonic Etudes.


S. S. Prokofiev


Sonata №7.


P. I. Tchaikovsky


Cycle "Seasons"

Concert No. 1


E. Grieg


Concert №1


M. P. Mussorgsky


Pictures from the exhibition


C. Debussy


Island of joy